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Welcome to the Fate of Vengeance content warning page.​

This section encapsulates the entire series, not just the books currently released to the public, and it will be updated if new content arises during the writing process.


I want my readers to know what they might encounter in my writing, and within the genre of grimdark/dark fantasy as a whole, to make the right decision for their individual reading experience.​

Although many of my readers prior to release have stated my content warnings are overzealous in comparison to the depictions in my book, I want to clarify that is my goal. I would rather the reader be over-prepared than under-prepared by attempting to avoid categorization of subject material.


After reading the content warning page located at the end of this website page,

I fully support and encourage you to not purchase my book

if there is a topic on my list that could provide an unsafe reading experience for you. 

Please know, I am so thankful for your time and consideration in reading my series!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What POV is The Fate of Vengeance series in?

A: The first book in the series, A Deadly Vow, is a First Person Dual POV. This is not typically the POV used in this genre, but there are no set rules in fiction. This POV style was used to further explore the moral dilemma of a Grimdark Fantasy world, and the romantic elements between characters.

Q: Is The Fate of Vengeance series a romance?

A: No, because it is Dark High Fantasy Driven first. However, the author considers this series to be a "romantic" fantasy, also called "romantasy." The romance and fantasy plot lines are fairly balanced between the two, and continues over the series. Sometimes one will take over more than the other, but at the foundation of the story, they are both relatively prevalent.

Q: Is there "spice" (aka sexually explicit content)?

A: Ronan calls it a "third degree" slow burn, where the tension is essentially a bonfire regarding the romance. Explicit content does not pick up until the second book.

Q: How many books will the Fate of Vengeance Series have?

A: At this time it is on course to become a quartet.

Content Warning List

  • Immoral and/or villainous characters

  • Themes Explored including but not limited to as the series continues: horror, violence, trauma, mental health, death, oppression of autonomy, and religious trauma (there is a depiction of a sense of devotion to their creators (gods/goddesses/fate) who gifted them their magic and those who feel completely betrayed by it)

  • Extreme escalation of graphic violence (including weaponry and elemental magic), threatening behavior and acts, and detailed medical jargon and description included but not limited to: war, execution, decapitation, disembowelment, hostages, kidnapping, mass death, genocide based on magical elemental ability, magical enslavement, imprisonment, and manipulation of autonomy through crystals, siphoning, terrorism, torture, sacrifice and sacrificial magic, resurrection, exorcism of magic, extraction of torture devices, strangulation, prosecution, hanging, physical violence acted upon a corpse, forced blood draining, bloodshed, blood sharing/offering/consumption for magical properties, gore, murder, seizures, vomiting

  • Death of Loved Ones, Romantic Partners, and Animals (animals to be depicted off screen)

  • Sexism, slut shaming, prejudice

  • Discussion of child-loss, traumatic births, or stillbirth in past tense

  • Forced marriage

  • Self-harm, scars/cutting, suicidal thoughts and ideation, suicide 

  • Emotional abuse, physical abuse, child abandonment/neglect/grooming/physical abuse, parental abuse from mother/father figures through out entire lifespan, extreme gaslighting, doxing

  • Severe depression/anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, living AND reliving traumatic events through first person POV, ​obsessive and/or compulsive thoughts and/or behaviors

  • Subjective and/or adverse coping mechanisms, including but not limited to as the series continues: addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, recreational substance use

  • References of preventing the act(s) from occurring, past experiences with, or war crimes involving sexual abuse/sexual humiliation and degradation/or rape (off screen depictions, AND/OR detailed post traumatic flashbacks leading up to the event before act of rape occurs which then follows "fade to black" for off screen depiction)

  • Explicit sex and sexual behaviors (to become progressively graphic throughout series), sexual acts under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, masturbation, nudity

  • References regarding exploring/coming into sexuality and sexual orientation. Forced outing of an established relationship to a family member. 

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